Luxury Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab Center Reviews

Price based on 30 days unless otherwise noted.

Name Location Price
The Sanctuary Australia $100,000-$112,000
Banner Thunderbird Medical Center AZ $53,280
Rosewood Ranch AZ $36,400
Sierra Tucson AZ $47,680
The Meadows AZ $44,000 (35 days)
★#1 Cliffside Malibu CA $58,000-$88,000 (Residential); Sliding scale/insurance accepted (Outpatient)
★#2 Visions Adolescent Treatment CA $40,500 (45 days)
★#4 Sunset Malibu CA $58,000 (semi-private room), $88,000 (private room)
★#8 Newport Academy CA $45,000 (45 days)
A New Journey Eating Disorders Center CA $20,000-$52,800
Acadia Malibu CA $45,000
Alta Mira CA $50,000 (35 days)
AToN Center CA $45,000
Avalon Malibu CA $45,000
Axis CA $30,000
Balance Treatment Center CA $47,000
Bayside Marin CA $44,500
Bridges to Recovery CA $50,000
Capo by the Sea CA $24,500-$42,500
Casa Palmera CA $30,000
Evolve Treatment Centers CA $45,000
Harmony Place CA $25,000
Inspire Malibu CA $50,500
Journey Malibu CA $53,000-$63,000
Malibu Beach Recovery Center CA $40,000
Malibu Vista CA Call for cost
Milestones Ranch Malibu CA $48,000
Montecatini CA $45,000
Muir Wood Teen Treatment CA $33,000
Paradigm Malibu CA $49,000
Passages Malibu CA $67,550
Pillars Recovery CA $30,000
Prominence Treatment CA $47,000-$62,000
Promises Malibu CA Call for cost
Promises West LA CA Call for cost
Ranch Creek Recovery CA $30,000
Reflections CA $35,000-$47,000
Reunion San Diego CA $30,000-$45,000
SOBA Malibu CA $38,000
Sober Living by the Sea CA $31,000
Summit Malibu CA $48,000
The Betty Ford Center CA $32,000
The Canyon CA $58,000
The Discovery House CA $38,500
The Hills CA $40,000-$50,000
The Holistic Sanctuary CA $50,000
The Lakehouse Recovery Center CA $36,000
Waismann Method Rapid Detox CA $17,800-$22,800
Privé-Swiss CA, CT $90,000
American Addiction Centers CA, FL, TX, NV, TN Varies by location
Recovery Village at Palmer Lake CO $30,000
Youth Recovery Center CO $53,000 (42 days)
Institute of Living CT $60,000
Silver Hill CT $35,000-$38,000
Promis Hay Farm England $21,208 [per publishing day exchange rate]
The Priory Hospital England $13,700-$34,000 [per publishing day exchange rate]
Angel’s Recovery FL $30,000
Gulf Breeze Recovery FL $25,000-$32,000
Hanley Center FL $34,000
Lakeview Health FL $26,000-$45,000
Lucida Treatment Center FL Call for cost
Satori Waters FL $30,000
Schick Shadel of Florida FL $18,400
Seaside Palm Beach FL $49,500
Solutions Recovery Center FL $30,000
Suncoast Rehabilitation Center FL $30,000 (variable length)
Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia GA $30,000
Black Bear Lodge GA $29,600
Bluff Plantation GA $45,000
Saint Simons By-The-Sea (SSBTS) GA $11,652 (14 days)
The Exclusive Hawaii HI $67,000
Powell Chemical Dependency Center IA $16,800
San Nicola Centre Italy Call for cost
Narconon New Life Retreat LA $30,000
★#5 McLean Fernside MA $56,400
Solace Sabah Malaysia $5,000-$16,900
McLean Borden Cottage ME $50,000-$60,000
Dellwood Recovery Center MN $62,850
Hazelden Plymouth MN $33,500
Mayo Clinic Addiction Services MN $40,000
Castlewood Treatment Center MO $33,000
Carolina House NC $67,500 (45 days)
INSPIRA Health Network NJ $15,000-$60,000
Center for Hope of the Sierras NV $67,500 (45 days)
Phelps Memorial Hospital NY $54,000
St. John’s Riverside Hospital NY $30,000
The Dunes NY $50,000
Lindner Center of HOPE OH $67,500-$76,500
Brookhaven Hospital OK $33,000
Hazelden Springbrook OR $32,000
Caron Foundation PA $36,000
Clarity Way PA $35,000
Penn Presbyterian Medical Center PA $30,000
Kusnacht Practice Switzerland $300,000-$400,000 [per publishing day exchange rate]
Brookhaven Retreat TN $45,000
Caron Texas TX $30,000-$35,000
Covenant Hills TX $22,400-$32,200
Enterhealth Life Recovery Center TX $34,000
Menninger Clinic TX $72,000
Sante Center For Healing TX $33,000
The Arbor TX $16,500
Center for Change UT $30,000
Cirque Lodge UT $48,000-$77,000
New Haven UT $38,416
Sagebrush Treatment VA $45,000
Herrington Recovery Center WI $33,040